Reach Your Perfect Target Audience With A Marketing Mix


One of the hardest parts of marketing, if not the hardest, is to reach your perfect target audience. Meridian Delta have developed a mixed marketing package which puts customers in direct contact with their selected target market.

The MX marketing package is like no other. It delivers your information directly to decision makers in your own chosen target market.

With our new service, we’ll send the 500 companies closest to you and most likely to require your services a professionally designed email with a strong reason for them to get in touch with you.

In the email, we’ll get your message and your product across with a combination of your input, your unique selling-point and our marketing expertise. Backing that all up, we’ll talk about your company, your experience – including testimonials from satisfied customers.

Two weeks after the email, we’ll send them a professionally designed letter and A4 full colour leaflet with a strong reason for them to get in touch with you. another two weeks later, another email. If any of your potential customers clicks through to your website, we’ll give them a call on your behalf to make an appointment for you to visit them. The combination of the email and postal marketing makes your message hard to ignore, and is proven to convert sales far more effectively than just using one method.

The whole process is done in-house. We will make sure you’re 100% happy with everything before we send it out.

All of our data is guaranteed to the corporate standards of the Direct Marketing Association and is all double opt-in.

To find out more about our new MX package and how we can put you in contact with your perfect target market, please contact Team Manager Alex Hurst on 0191 235 9558 or on



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